Wool Applique Project Notebook

I always have a few wool applique projects in process at any one time.  I usually cut out all the wool pieces, get the embroidery floss, and the put everything in a Ziploc bag so it can be worked on later.  They are great to stitch on in the evening when watching TV or just hanging out.  As you can imagine, there are a few Ziploc bags sitting in my closet!

Sharon of Liberty Rose has a great idea for organizing all these items!  This project notebook features wool applique on the front and inside cover (so you have a place to keep your needles and pins) and it pretty easy to sew together (I plan to post a tutorial about how to cover the notebook sometime before the end of the year).  The notebook contains zippered pouches that are the perfect size for carrying all your project supplies.

Project Notebook

The notebook is standard 3 Ring binder.  I ironed fusible fleece on my stitching fabric so that the cover is more durable (especially since it will be used a lot).   I did some basic applique on the front and and inside cover.

Project Notebook - Inside

I didn’t go too crazy with the embroidery embellishments, since the main purpose is functional, not decorative.  My embroidery time is better spent finishing up the wool crazy block that was started a year ago!  A pocket on the back inside cover can carry larger pattern books that won’t fit in the pouches.

Project Notebook - Back Pocket

Now, when traveling, I just take out a zippered project pouch, throw it in the suitcase, and am good to go.  Talk about Keeping it Thimble!

In other news, look for details in the next week or so on my first published pattern.  In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks:

Pattern Sneak Peek 1
Pattern Sneak Peak 2

Keep it Thimble!

Sneak Peek

It’s a busy week as I get ready for the Porch Sale on Oct 14th.  Here are a few sneak peeks – as you can see there is still a bit of work to be done!

Odds and Ends
More Odds and Ends

I also got this steam press today.  I used one of these a long time ago in a class and found it is wonderful for ironing interfacing onto fabric and saves so much time!  Since I am making things in bulk, I need to find ways to save time.

Steam Press

Keep it thimble!

Tomato Penny Rug

Tomatoes always remind me of summer time and sewing!  I’m sure you can remember your grandmother’s well-worn tomato pincushions.  My friend Liberty Rose loves tomatoes pin cushions so much, she made this delightful pattern for a tomato penny rug.

Tomato Penny Rug

I started this project last summer and it is listed as one of the UFOs to finish for this year.  It can now be crossed off the list.  Right now it is sitting on top of the antique spool chest in my sewing room!  This is the fifth penny rug I’ve made in the past few years.  These little projects are fun to make because you can easily carry a few pennies around in your purse and stitch on them when you can.  Pennies are also fun because there is so much you can do with this as far as embellishments and embroidery!

I have a few ideas for my own penny rug designs based on Liberty Rose’s basic template (with her permission of course). I plan to get the patterns finished up by the end of the year as part of the pattern line I am creating.

Also, I have decided on the date for the quilter’s yard sale – July 23rd from 8am – 12pm.  If you want to do some virtual shopping, just let me know.  For those of you in the area, stop by (email me offline for my address).

Keep it Thimble!

Happy Fourth!

Hope everyone has a great Fourth!  The weather is beautiful and we are heading off to the big parade in downtown Apex.  The kids decorate their bikes, wagons, baby strollers, and march down main street waving flags and cheering!  At the end of the parade, the fire station has a firetruck set up to spray water on the kids so they can cool off.  Should be a lot of fun.

Wool Flags

There are some fun little wool flags made from a pattern by Debbie Busby 0f Wooden Spool Designs.  A vintage flower frog holds the flags quite nicely.  The sticks will be painted black and maybe a bow will be tied around some of the sticks.  I thought this would be a fairly quick project, but there is a lot of hand stitching involved, so it took a few hours to complete all 5.  They are small enough to carry around in your purse if you want to work on something for a few minutes while you are waiting.

Keep it thimble!

Spring is Here (I think)!

The birds are chirping the flowers are blooming, and spring is finally here (I think).  Last week we had a blast of winter weather and we are supposed to be in the 30’s tonight.  But after that, it is supposed to be consistently in the 60’s and 70’s for spring!

Nest of Easter Peeps

Here’s a cute spring project – a nest of Easter Peeps!  The original pattern from Liberty Rose was a much larger chick that could be used for a pincushion.  I downsized it and stitched it up in some yummy spring colors!  You could also make some cute Easter Rabbits and use brown floss to add in the distinctive Rabbit Peep face – 2 small dots for the eyes and one for the nose (note:  writing this on my to do list).

Easter Pillows - Photo Transfers
Easter Pillows - Photo Transfers

This spring pillows were also inspired by Liberty Rose!  These are really easy to stitch up and are great accents for your spring decorating.  Pick out a few vintage images (we used postcards) and then transfer them to fabric.  You can buy the photo transfer fabric at Jo-Ann’s (bring your coupon).  Cut out, sew on a backing, and stuff – viola!  The neat thing about this is that you can use any image – there are lots of goods ones the internet, just do a search for “vintage ____ images”.

Easter Pillows - Photo Transfers
Easter Pillows - Photo Transfers

Happy spring and Keep It Thimble!

Emery the Sewing Mouse

Brenda Gervais has a cute little pincushion called Emery the Sewing Mouse – perfect for any sewing room!  I couldn’t resist him , especially with that little thimble hat!

Sewing Mouse

This is a fun afternoon project that requires a bit of this and that.  You cut out the mouse body in wool, stitch around the body, arms, and legs and turn these all inside out.  The arms and legs are especially challenging since they are so small.  Hemostats are great for turning these small pieces since you can working the tips into small openings and get a good grip on the fabric to turn it.

Sewing Mouse

You also do a lot of handwork on this.  You stitch the arms and legs on by hand, and then use embroidery floss to create his beady little eyes and pink nose.  I added a little mouth as well, so that he has a crooked little smile.

Sewing Mouse

The thimble is glued one (Allene’s Quick Grab is good for this), as is his tail (which is a rusty piece of wire twisted into a tail shape).  The strawberry is sewn on the machine and stuffed with a filling of sand, sawdust and fiberfil.  Once stuffed, you tack on the green cap by hand.  The project is finished when you stitch Emery down on the strawberry.  How cute is this?

Keep it Thimble!