Interview – Audrey Mann and Diane Brinton – The Cloth Parcel

I sat down to chat with Audrey Mann and Diane Brinton, they are the mother/daughter design team known as The Cloth Parcel. They design sewing AND quilting patterns. Their Little King quilt is in the Quilting Medley bundle, which is available until May 12th.

They also have two patterns in the Totes and Toys bundle that is available until May 18th – the Nancy Book Bag and the Essential Diaper Clutch.

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Interview – Leanne Parsons – the Devoted Quilter

Leann Parsons aka Devoted Quilter chatted with me about her quilts and pattern design business. Her Reach for the Stars pattern normally retails for $9, but is currently available in the Quilting Medley bundle (along with 8 other patterns) for around $20. This bundle is only available until May 12th.

Interview with Leanna Parsons, the Devoted Quilter
Reach for the Stars, designed by the Devoted Quilter

Thanks for taking time to chat with me about your current and upcoming projects Leanne.

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Interview – Catalina Barceló Maimó – Amarar Creacions

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Catalina of Amarar Creacions. She designs beautiful paper-pieced patterns. Her Ying-Yang Heart block normally retails for $9 but until May 12th you can get it (plus 8 other patterns) in the Quilting Medley Bundle at Pattern Chest for around $20.

Catalina Barceló Maimó of Amarar Creactions

Catalina was kind enough to tell me more about herself and her work!

I am Catalina from Spain, an enthusiast of the crafts who has found in the fabrics and threads the best way to express her creativity.

From very young I grew up among the sewing machine, needles, fabrics, threads, metric tapes, … of my grandmother, a professional dressmaker all her life. So maybe something was thrown into my blood, although I focused on another area. I studied Economics and passed an opposition to enter to the public administration. I also do music studies and give classes for some time. Even so, the desire of creating has gone along with me all my life.

After having my two children, I bought a sewing machine to get into the world of sewing and a few years later I have decided to make a radical change in my life and create Amarar Creations. So, currently, I am an autonomous entrepreneur who tries to make of her passion her work. Amarar Creations is my small business with which I can develop my creativity.

At the beginning of my sewing path, I started experimenting with different materials and creating an assortment of accessories like belts, bags, pillows, curtains, etc. However, when I discovered the world of quilting I instantly felt in love with it and I started sewing quilts and experimenting with differents techniques, specially Foundation Paper Piecing. As I always loved making my original designs I started to create my own patterns and now it has become a part important of my business.

You can follow my work by subscribing to my newsletter at my website and becoming part of my comunity, being the first to know my last news and reviging discounts with my pattern releases, at my Instagram (@amarar_creacions) or at my Facebook page (

The Yin Yang Heart Pattern is a Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern that reproduces an image that combines the figure of a heart with the Yin Yang symbol. Since without black there is no white and without dark there is no light, with this pattern I wanted to reflect the duality in love and in life itself.

This pattern is intermediate, and it requires certain knowledge and practice of Foundation Paper Piecing technique. The pattern includes: Templates to elaborate the Yin Yang Heart pattern in 2 sizes (9″ (23 cm) and 16.5″ (42 cm), assembly instructions, sections diagram, scaling formula so that you can elaborate it in different sizes and cutting templates. It is also incorpores a new version system so that you can download for free future changes or updates made to this pattern.

The pattern is available in 3 languagse: English, Spanish or Catalan. The Spanish and Catalan are in A4 sheet size and for the English one you can choose between 2 sheet sizes: Letter (8.5 “x11” (21.6 x 27.9 cm)) or A4.

It is a pattern in a modern and casual style, with which you can create quilts, hanging quilts, pillows, bags and everything you can imagine. Start up your imagination and let’s go sewing!


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Interview: Jennifer Fulton – The Inquiring Quilter

Jennifer Fulton aka the Inquiring Quilter is the designer of the Greek Mosaic pattern that appears in the Quilting Medley Bundle. This beautiful pattern normally retails for $10, but you can get it and 8 other patterns for less than $25 until May 18th!

Interview with Jennifer Fulton, The Inquiring Quilter

She was kind enough to sit down with me for a few minutes via Zoom to talk about her work, including a great story about how she transitioned from being a technical writer to a quilt designer and ambassador!

Greek Mosaic Quilt by Jennifer Fulton

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Quilting Medley Pattern Bundle

Woohoo! The Quilting Medley Bundle just launched on Pattern Chest. I had the pleasure of working with several designers to put this pattern bundle together: Quiltoni, The Cloth Parcel, Inquiring Quilter, Devoted Quilter, Shannon Fraser Designs, Amarar Creacions, and Sew Fun (aka By the Yard).

Pattern Chest is a new site where you can purchase specially-priced pattern bundles for a limited time! The Quilting Medley Bundle includes a varied assortment of quilt patterns of many kinds — from classic to modern to Cthulhu — and of all sizes, including baby quilts, quilt throws, and bed quilts for a very low price! The bundle include patterns that normally retail for $94, you can get the entire bundle as a drastically reduced price.

Show some support for indie pattern designers by checking out the bundle and telling someone about it! I am sure all of you know some quilters out there who’d love to get some high quality patterns at a great price!

And each purchase helps support Direct Relief, a non-profit that works in the U.S. and internationally to equip doctors and nurses with life-saving medical resources to care for the world’s most vulnerable people.

Find out more here:

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Calling all Pattern Designers

I have some exciting news to share about Keep It Thimble….

Calling all pattern designers! I’m super excited to announce that I am launching a pattern bundle site that sells time-limited collections of .PDF patterns, in the manner of Humble Bundle and similar sites. I’m looking for contributors — independent pattern designers and small publishers who want to reach a new audience for their sewing, quilting, appliqué, knitting, crochet, and cosplay patterns.

I’m partnering with the Bundle of Holding (, a long-established site that sells tabletop roleplaying game ebooks. Since 2013 the Bundle of Holding has presented more than 400 offers comprising 3,000+ titles from over 235 small RPG publishers; 60,000 gamers have purchased 300,000 bundles. The site has raised more than US$645,000 for dozens of charities.

Like the Bundle of Holding, each offer on my pattern site presents a curated collection of DRM-free .PDFs. The customer pays a set minimum price to get the “starter” pattern bundle and can opt to pay more that the current threshold (average) price to receive an additional collection of “bonus” patterns. A typical offer runs for three weeks.

If you would like more information about participating in this, please email me at keepitthimble at gmail dot com.

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The North Carolina Museum of History has a wonderful exhibit called QuiltSpeak: Uncovering Women’s Voices through Quilts that will be there until early March 2020. There are some stunning quilts on display, so if you are in the Raleigh area, you will definitely want to check it out.

The exhibit features about 40 quilts, along with a story of the woman who created it. Here’s a few pictures to give you and idea of the type of craftsmanship on display.

Happy 2016!

Happy New year!

Wow, can’t believe it has been over a year since I posted something!    I’ve been busy sewing and doing projects, but just haven’t had the time to take pictures and put together the posts.  I plan to start posting a bit in 2016.

no more fabric

I signed up for a UFO challenge at my local quilt shop and I hope to complete ten UFOs by March 31!  I think I have a good chance of getting 8 completely done, and two will just have some progress made.  Will post a list of the projects in the next few days so you can can see what I’ve been up to this past year.

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Scrappy Hawaiian Quilt

Five years ago, my brother gave me a box of 3.5″ and 6″ squares cut from vintage Hawaiian shirt fabric and asked me to make a quilt.  I found the perfect pattern in the ScrapTherapy book by Joan Ford.  I’ve worked on it off and on for the past few years, and finally finished it!

Fall 2014 August 029

This quilt has over 1,000 separate pieces and lots of triangles.  I tried to set up somewhat of an assembly line to sew and trim the half-square triangles.  Every few months, I would pull out the project and do a few more half-square triangles.

The best part was figuring out which squares to pair with the half-square triangles in order to make the fish.  I think the fish turned out great and I really like how the blue fabric makes them pop!

What long-term project have you finally finished?  Comment below!

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