Thankful Turkey

Here is another Fall item (started two years ago) that is finally finished.  Last week it was plucked out of the UFO pile and given the finishing touches.   This was another project from Create and Decorate that was a lot of fun to make.   The feathers are cut out of wool, the veins are stitched on, and then they are treated with fabric stiffener (I used “Stiffy” – insert joke here 🙂 ).  Once the feathers are dry, the directions called for you to glue them together and then glue onto the body.  However, I had much better luck stitching everything with black perle cotten – it was much sturdier and you know it won’t come apart.

Give Thanks Turkey

The whole thing is brushed with coffee to give it that “prim” luck.  My husband keeps smelling coffee in the house although neither one of us drinks it (the coffee smell fades away after a few days).  The original directions made one that was about 12 inches high (suitable for a table centerpiece).  My is about half that size, since I thought a smaller one would be more versatile.

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