Emery the Sewing Mouse

Brenda Gervais has a cute little pincushion called Emery the Sewing Mouse – perfect for any sewing room!  I couldn’t resist him , especially with that little thimble hat!

Sewing Mouse

This is a fun afternoon project that requires a bit of this and that.  You cut out the mouse body in wool, stitch around the body, arms, and legs and turn these all inside out.  The arms and legs are especially challenging since they are so small.  Hemostats are great for turning these small pieces since you can working the tips into small openings and get a good grip on the fabric to turn it.

Sewing Mouse

You also do a lot of handwork on this.  You stitch the arms and legs on by hand, and then use embroidery floss to create his beady little eyes and pink nose.  I added a little mouth as well, so that he has a crooked little smile.

Sewing Mouse

The thimble is glued one (Allene’s Quick Grab is good for this), as is his tail (which is a rusty piece of wire twisted into a tail shape).  The strawberry is sewn on the machine and stuffed with a filling of sand, sawdust and fiberfil.  Once stuffed, you tack on the green cap by hand.  The project is finished when you stitch Emery down on the strawberry.  How cute is this?

Keep it Thimble!

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