Giveaway – Can You Spot the Mistake?

I’ve been working on a table topper from the Summer 2012 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects that features both piecing and applique.  The background pieces were cut out a few weeks ago and I spent the past week piecing them together.  I felt really triumphant when I completed it on Saturday.  The plans was to start work on the applique part on Sunday.  However, after looking at it closely, I spotted a mistake….

Can you spot the mistake?

I felt I could live with it, but after sleeping on it I decided I couldn’t!  I spent a few hours Sunday fixing it, but it was worth it.  Below is the corrected background.  The applique work can wait until next weekend.

Corrected background.

Just for fun, let’s turn this into a giveaway.  The prize is a cute little cupcake pincushion (color may vary).

Figure 6 - Finished Cupcake
Giveaway Prize – Cupcake Pincushion

Post a comment below with what you think mistake is and how you would fix it.   All comments will be included in the drawing (even the ones that don’t have the correct answer).    Deadline for comments is Sunday, August 5th.   Winner will be notified via email and announced on the blog.

Keep it Thimble!

8 thoughts on “Giveaway – Can You Spot the Mistake?

  1. Red and Blue triangle between the Blue and Red Star/burst shapes (sorry not sure what they are called, I don’t quilt, but I sew!) on the top right hand side. When it should have been two blues. Took me a minute to find it! But confirmed the “difference” in your corrected photo. No clue how to fix other then taking a seam ripper to it and taking that piece out, did I mention I don’t quilt…I love your Cupcake pin cushion though! *crossing my fingers*

  2. The blue triangle in the bottom left corner of the top right corner block should have been red?
    My grandmother always used to say quilts should have a mistake in them. She said only God was perfect, and we shouldn’t try to compete. I would have fixed this quilt by leaving that mistake in and saying I meant to do it 🙂 Gorgeous quilt top, by the way!

  3. The little blue triangle on top rt and orange triangle on bottom left have been placed incorrectly. They need to be swapped and then they will be correct (However, some of my quilting friends say that everything in nature is somewhat imperfect and so it’s kinda cute that way in my opinion!)
    I really like it anyway.

  4. I can’t spot the mistake partly because it looks as if you rotated the quilt in the second picture, or the mistake was more than one mistake with you swapping the three colors outside triangles…anyhow, I agree that mistakes somehow give a quilt its charm….but I am eager to hear from you what the mistake is!

  5. A red and blue triangle are paired rather than two red triangles. It took a bit of looking to figure it out. I think I would have done as you did… just knowing it wasn’t intended that way. Although, lots of quilters intentionally place a quirky little mistake in their quilts on purpose!! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  6. With you turning the quilt, it was a little more difficult to be sure. It has to do with the small squares on the outside large blocks.

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