Scrappy Hawaiian Quilt

Five years ago, my brother gave me a box of 3.5″ and 6″ squares cut from vintage Hawaiian shirt fabric and asked me to make a quilt.  I found the perfect pattern in the ScrapTherapy book by Joan Ford.  I’ve worked on it off and on for the past few years, and finally finished it!

Fall 2014 August 029

This quilt has over 1,000 separate pieces and lots of triangles.  I tried to set up somewhat of an assembly line to sew and trim the half-square triangles.  Every few months, I would pull out the project and do a few more half-square triangles.

The best part was figuring out which squares to pair with the half-square triangles in order to make the fish.  I think the fish turned out great and I really like how the blue fabric makes them pop!

What long-term project have you finally finished?  Comment below!

Keep it thimble!


5 thoughts on “Scrappy Hawaiian Quilt

  1. I can honestly say, I saw the finished product in person and it is truly the most beautiful quilt and the workmanship is perfect.

  2. So nice to see you blogging after a long absence! I love how you have a shadow block second row from the bottom left that looks like one of the fish broke ranks and darted off!

    Last week I finished a project that I started in March 2013 at a guild workshop. Had lots of fun machine quilting it, so satisfying to know I’m not alone with OFO’s!

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