Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  I really enjoyed eating all of my son’s candy, and look forward to sneaking more of it now that he is in bed.  We had a pretty rainy Halloween this year, so we ended up going to the mall for the main trick or treating.  Everyone did a double talk when they saw this mini-reaper walking amongst them.

The Grim Reaper is ready for your candy!

I didn’t get a picture (wish I had been faster), but there was one little girl (probably around 2) dressed up like a flower princess and she was quite taken with my son’s costume.  She kept smiling and laughing and wanted to come up and see his costume close-up.  She wasn’t scared at all!

Even the Grim Reaper is not above the seatbelt law!

This year’s costume was fairly easy to make, but I finished it at 3:30pm today – just in time to go get the candy.  I made his creepy black robe, and of course we bought the mask at the store.  He was really pleased with his costume and how scary he looked!

Looking for a nice sidekick.

Keep it thimble!


6 responses to “Happy Halloween!!

  1. Great costume choice!!!!! Can hardly believe that is your son!!!

  2. Very cute. Do you remember the candy eating rule? As much as you can eat until the 3rd of November.


  3. Collier Maxwell

    Terrifying. Just terrifying. Collier

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