Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  I really enjoyed eating all of my son’s candy, and look forward to sneaking more of it now that he is in bed.  We had a pretty rainy Halloween this year, so we ended up going to the mall for the main trick or treating.  Everyone did a double talk when they saw this mini-reaper walking amongst them.

The Grim Reaper is ready for your candy!

I didn’t get a picture (wish I had been faster), but there was one little girl (probably around 2) dressed up like a flower princess and she was quite taken with my son’s costume.  She kept smiling and laughing and wanted to come up and see his costume close-up.  She wasn’t scared at all!

Even the Grim Reaper is not above the seatbelt law!

This year’s costume was fairly easy to make, but I finished it at 3:30pm today – just in time to go get the candy.  I made his creepy black robe, and of course we bought the mask at the store.  He was really pleased with his costume and how scary he looked!

Looking for a nice sidekick.

Keep it thimble!

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