Trick or Treat Bag – Free Pattern

Halloween is a week away and I still need to make my son’s costume. He is going as the Grim Reaper.  He has no idea what the Grim Reaper does, but he assures me he will be a “nice” one.  I am going to call him the “Grin Reaper” :).

The costume is basically a black robe with a hood.  We will paint his face to look like a skull and he has a kid’s size scythe he will be carrying (to be honest, the scythe was the selling point of the costume for him).

In the sprit of the season I wanted to remind you that I have a free pattern available for a trick or treat bag.  It’s pretty simple to make, and it makes  a nice tote back if you do it in different colors.

Trick or Treat Bag

You can download the pattern by clicking HERE.

Keep it Thimble!

9 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Bag – Free Pattern

  1. Thanks for this very nice pattern. I had a lot of fun making it. I ran into a little trouble around the handles….could read make sure handles are entirely tucked inside bag perhaps. Also, WOF for handles might just read 36″ — for beginners but it came out really nice. I’ll see if I can post it or if you want me to, just let me know.

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