Gone Pattern Designin’

There’s good news and bad news.  The good news is that I have found a mentor to help me get my pattern design business off the ground.  She has given me a lot of ideas and information about how to do this and I am well on my way to getting my creations designed and ready for prime time.

"Bed" in the Sewing Room

The bad news is that in order to do focus on pattern design, I will be taking a brief vacation from my blog.  I won’t be doing a lot of posts for the next 1 -2 months or so, but I will be posting photos here and there of what I am doing so you know that I am working hard.

My son recently built a “bed” for me in my sewing room closet since I spend so much time in there.  He got all the blankets out of the linen closet and then added all his stuffed animals (so I have some company) to create this little nest.  He likes going in there at the end of the day to take a break and enjoy looking at my fabric (a real chip off the old block 😉 ).

I’m excited about this new direction and looking forward to showing off what I’ve accomplished.

Keep it thimble!

2 thoughts on “Gone Pattern Designin’

  1. I will miss your blog. The pictures and projects make me feel even more proud of you than ever but it makes me wonder how you can keep up with everything. I love you closest nest. It seems to me everyone should have one of those.

    Love ya,

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