It’s a Scorcher!

Whew, we are in the midst of a heatwave right now in NC and it’s hard to stay cool.  I’ve been busy getting ready for the garage sale this week – I expect a healthy turn out!  It feels good to get rid of some of this stuff – when the fabric is piled around you it is hard to think.

A sampling of my wares

I am also working hard on writing up my tote pattern.  I hope to get this ready by the end of August.  Not much else to report right now, but I did find a great new blog run by Jen Lopez of “Sew Fun” that has a lot of great sewing advice.  One of her recent blog posts discussed what to do with your stash when you have your house on the market.  Check her out!

Keep it Thimble!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Scorcher!

  1. Dad and I wish you lots of luck on your sale. I know it is hard to part with your treasures but it is better than becoming a character on the TV program Hoarders.


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