Solar System Party!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted – time gets away too quickly!   This weekend my son had a solar system birthday party.  You may recall that he had a “space” party last year at this time, but in his mind “solar system” and “space” are different somehow.

Zippered Pencil Case

For the favors this year, I made the kids zippered pencil cases.  They can use them to carry school supplies and other little treasures.  There was a bunch of rocketship and planet fabric left over from last year (since I didn’t have time to make anything except an apron).  The zippered cases are fast and easy to make and hopefully I will get a tutorial posted on them in the next few weeks.

Zipper Pull

The zipper pulls were some space themed charms from Oriental Trading Company.  They are attached to the zippers with some lanyard hooks from Wal-mart (found in the children’s craft section).  In addition to the charms, I bought a whole bunch of space things from Oriental Trading Company – it was basically like a solar system party in a box.

Solar System Party Favor

If spend about $50 on one of the value party packs (they have many different themes) you can get everything you need!  The “space” party theme included an inflatable solar system, cup/plates/napkins, 3 craft projects, 3 party favor items, and cardboard decorations of space things.  All in all a good deal and a huge hit with the elementary school crowd.

I Love You!

My son had a great time and was so happy with the favors I made for his friends.   He made me a special note with his drawing tablet to thank me!  I love the fancy lettering he used.

Keep it thimble!

4 thoughts on “Solar System Party!

  1. Awesome party, Heather!!! The pencil cases were a hit with both the kids and the moms. Ruby absolutely treasures hers and has told me several times that the little aliens are the “cutest things ever.” She came home and went straight for the Oriental Trading catalog to look up all of the stuff you used at the party. I love the sweet note and fancy lettering too. Jon said he believes that I was “trumped.” You know, in case it was a contest or something. You won. 🙂

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