Video Games are Cool!

For those of you who don’t know what I a do for a living, you may be surprised to find out that I make videogames.  I’ve been working in the industry since 1996 and have worked on all kinds of titles for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, DS, and many more.  Every year, there is a huge convention called E3 where all the game companies show off their gaming line up for the coming year.  I’ve been to almost every E3 since I started working in the game industry and always have a ton of fun!

E3 Convention - Los Angeles - 2011

Since my day job directly impacts how often I can blog on Keep It Thimble, I thought it would be fun to show you a few pictures from this year’s convention.  I was in Los Angeles all last week and was pretty much in meetings or on the show floor for three days straight.  Needless to say, I’ve had my fill of games for awhile.

E3 2011 - Skyrim Billboard

Here is a pretty amazing billboard for a game that will be coming out this fall.  I can’t even imagine how long it took to install this billboard, or how they even figured out how to get it this large in the first place.

Another fun part of E3 is seeing all the people walking around in costumes. For example, here I am with two of my Star Wars buddies.  I also saw Cooking Mama, and some other game characters, and zombies!    In addition, this is a great place to spot celebrities.  While there I saw Hulk Hogan, Verne Troyer (Mini-me from the Austin Powers movies), Gene Simmons, and Hiro (from Heroes).

E3 2011 - Rage (yes, those are zombies)

However, no matter how much fun I had seeing what new games are coming out, I couldn’t wait to get home to my sewing room.  I have some exciting projects planned for this summer, including a few video tutorials.  Let me know if there is something specific you’d like a tutorial on.

Keep it Thimble!

3 thoughts on “Video Games are Cool!

  1. Dear Heather,
    I love the pictures. You are doing two very exciting jobs but I don’t understand either one. What is a Mother to do in order to find a common interest. Please try to remember how cute the golf cloths are and how much fun it is to be in nature and walk the course.

    1. Yes, golf clothes are very cute and I like walking around outside. I just don’t care for hitting the ball with the club ;). If I can just walk around and chat, that is more fun to me.

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