Works in Progress (aka WIPs)

May has turned out to be fairly busy work wise, which means a lot of my sewing projects have been put on hold or left until the last minute.  There are two projects that I  need to finish by Friday evening.  So, I think I will be busy for the next few evenings  – but at least it is a fun kind of busy!

WIP - Lunch Bags

The first project is a gifts for my son’s teachers.  His last day of school is on Friday and I want to give them something special to thank them for all they’ve done this year.  Every teacher needs a lunch bag, and Heather Bailey’s Jack and Jill pattern is the perfect one!  I’m using laminated cotton fabrics for this project, which is something I’ve been looking forward to trying  — I’ll let you know how it goes.  One teacher gets a blue bag and the other gets a pink one!

Fabric for Ballet Shoe Bags

The next project is ballet shoe bags for my friend who runs the dance studio Graceful Expressions.  Each year at her recital, the graduating girls receive a beautifully handcrafted bag (by me) for their ballet shoes.  Apparently, this is a tradition the girls look forward to, so I have to make sure they are not disappointed this year.  There are two different types of ballet fabric  – the pink is for the younger girls and the red for the older ones (it looks more chic).

I’ll post finished projects later.  Keep it thimble!

2 thoughts on “Works in Progress (aka WIPs)

  1. These are really thoughtful gifts that I am sure will be cherished for many years to come.

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