Home Decor

It’s been a busy few weeks for me with work and travel (and prepping for potential travel) and it’s really cut into my sewing time!  Thankfully it looks like summer is going to slow down and I will have plenty of time to hang out in the sewing room!

Charlevoix – Minnick and Simpson – Moda Fabrics

Speaking of sewing room, I am finally getting ready to re-decorate it.  This has been one of the last rooms in the house to get any attention and now it’s time!  The color scheme is going to be around the fabric above – it is from Minnick and Simpson’s Charlevoix collection.  This fabric will be used for valances and then other fabric from the line will be used to make chair covers.  The walls will be painted a light blue (exact color TBD).

Shower Curtain – Pattern from Moda Bakeshop

Finally, for the downstairs bathroom I am going to make a shower curtain.  I found a great pattern for making a shower curtain out of layer cakes on the Moda Bakeshop website.  I am using the same fabric in the picture above (Clermont Farms – Minnick and Simpson).  In addition to the shower curtain I am going to make some hand towels by making ruffles, prairie points and other embellishments from the left over fabric.  Should be a lot of fun!

Keep it thimble!

3 thoughts on “Home Decor

  1. Dear Heather,

    Things look like they are coming together very nice. Can hardly wait for the Open House when we can all come and look in person.


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