Brown Bag Sewing Scrapbook

First, a big Happy Birthday to my friend Sharon Stewart at Liberty Rose.  Have a great day!!

Second, Sharon was the master mind behind this project  – a Sewing Scrapbook made out of paper lunch bags.  She offered this as a one of her scrapbooking classes and I fell in love with it (I hardly ever scrapbook) so I had to take the class.

Sewing Scrapbook - Front Cover
Sewing Scrapbook - Interior 1

Sharon always does  a lot of prep work for her classes and this was no different –  she provided all the goodies for each page in the book – including the antique buttons.   I added a few more embellishments when I got home – there are tons of great sewing images you can download for free from the internet!

Sewing Scrapbook - Interior 2
Sewing Scrapbook - Interior 3

Once you have a collection of images you want for your theme, you can use a color printer to print them out on cardstock.  We used off-white and brown kraft cardstock, which coordinates nicely with the paper bags.  Once the images are printed, you can cut them out, distress them, and place into the book.  You can use this for tons of different themes (I have a few ideas) and they are a great craft for kids.  Use colored pencils to add a dash of color to some of the drawings, and scraps of fabric and trim are put to good use as well.

Sewing Scrapbook - Interior 4
Sewing Scrapbook - Interior 5

We also used some of the paper from old patterns to add some texture and visual interest.  For the pockets, you create square cards, print an image on them, add a tab, and have a little surprise in the book (see Interior 5 for an example, the little girl on the right is one of these tabbed cards that goes inside).  Sharon used images of embroidery stitches we would have a handy reference for how to do some basic stitches.

Sewing Scrapbook - Back Cover

They are very easy to make.  Start with three brown paper lunch bags and fold them in half.  Stack them by alternating where the opening is placed so there two openings on side side and one on the other side (also make sure the bottom bag flaps are on the inside pages, not the front and back covers), and then staple down the middle.

Lunch Bag Scrapbook - View 1
Lunch Bag Scrapbook - View 2

Once you have your little book – you can decorate it however you want!  I have made a few of these for my son already.  He enjoys drawing pictures on each page and using rubber stamps and stickers to embellish them.

Keep it thimble!

4 thoughts on “Brown Bag Sewing Scrapbook

  1. Love your book Heather!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, sewing basket and sneaky little you and Evette!! Love the sewing bag. Thanks bunches.

    1. Melissa, Sharon doesn’t have a kit for this. However, if you do a Google Image search for “vintage” “sewing” and other things, you will probably find a lot of cool things that you can print out.

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