First UFO Finished!

My goal is to finish one UFO a month – so here is the one for February – the Patriotic Table Runner!  I machine quilted this myself on my Bernina with the BSR.  This was one of my first attempts and I can tell that I need a lot of practice with my free motion quilting.

Patriotic Table Runner

I’m also not entirely sure I am using the BSR correctly – I swear my stitches looked much neater when I tried this out in the store.  I was able to write my name and everything!  However, like anything, this is something that requires a lot of practice in order to do correctly.  I don’t see myself doing a lot of my own quilting though, as my favorite part is making the quilt top!  For something like table runners or simple quilting, I can handle it.

Keep it thimble!

2 thoughts on “First UFO Finished!

  1. All I can say is it looks like you just need a vacation away from this for a while. It is time to go see mom and dad.

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