Caramel Apple!

You know how you can get those sinfully delicious caramel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? Well, you can make these at home too!  Over the holidays I purchased a package of caramel wraps for apples – the kind that contain a flattened circle of caramel that you can wrap around an apple.

While you are melting the caramel apple in the oven, melt a 1/4 cup of candy coating pieces (your choice of color) and 3 tbps. of chocolate chips in separate dishes.  Scoop the melted candy coating over the apple and then drizzle with the melted chocolate chips.  Place in fridge for about 10 minutes until apple has cooled.  Or you can do what my son did, and use the chocolate chips for embellishment.


Caramel Chocolate Apple

You could also make a totally decadent chocolate caramel apple by melting Brach’s caramels, dipping the apple, letting it cool, and then dipping into melted chocolate.  For the piece de resistance you could roll in crumbled Oreos and then drizzle with chocolate.  Wow, I am hungry now!

I’ll have more sewing information this week.  Check back on Monday for my first book review of the year!

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