Unfinished Objects (UFOs)

It’s only natural to take inventory of all your UFOs at the first of the year.  You want to have an idea of how far you are behind – right?  The interesting thing about UFOs, is that at the time they were started, they were the most exciting project ever and I couldn’t wait to finish them.   Now, they just sit there, unfinished, like an albatross around my neck (perhaps that’s a bit dramatic).  Here’s the stack of UFOs that are currently taking up space in my closet:


As you can see, there are quite a few of them.  By the way, my definition of a UFO is a project that actually had work done – fabric was cut, sewing was done, etc.  This doesn’t count all the kits or all the projects that supplies I bought supplies for (that actually takes up two cabinets).  This year, I am determined to either complete my UFOs or give them to someone else to complete and enjoy.

Fourth of July Table Runner

This is a table runner that is *almost* finished.  It has been quilted halfway, just needs some binding (my machine broke when I was quilting it the first time so I put it aside).

Sweetheart Vine Table Runner

The Sweetheart Table Runner is my first attempt at applique.  All the applique pieces are complete and basted down, I just need to sew around them, add a border, and then quilt it (it sounds so easy when I describe it).

Three Cheers for Red, White, Blue

This is a very small embroidery project I started 2 years ago.  It is halfway finished.  It probably would only take 3 hours to finish it up, add a border and make it into a small pillow.  This is something that can be carried around in my purse and stitched on when I am waiting for something.

In order to keep myself honest, I am going to list them all on the blog and will provide monthly updates on the progress.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, I won’t have any UFOs (or at least it will be a new batch).

  • Sweetheart Vine Applique Table Runner
  • Hand Applique Bird/Flowers Wall Hanging
  • Faded Glory Quilt
  • Strawberry Candle Mat (Wool)
  • Flower Baskets Table Runner (Wool)
  • Tomato Penny Rug (Wool)
  • Three Cheers for Red, White Blue (Embroidery)
  • Finished Quilt Tops (need quilted):
    • Fourth of July Table Runner
    • Ruffled Hearts Quilt
    • Diamond Jelly Roll Quilt
    • Jo’s Little Houses Quilt
    • Friendship Star Quilt
    • Friendship Star Table Runner
    • Irish Chain/Nine Patch Quilt
    • Hand-pieced Wall Hanging

Keep it thimble!

5 thoughts on “Unfinished Objects (UFOs)

  1. This pile of UFOs is sooooo tiny that ………………well frankl,y how can you call yourself a real quilter?????????? You are just playing……………right?????? :}

    1. Keep in mind that I have only been quilting for less than 5 years ;). I am sure it will grow exponentially each year, no matter how hard I try to stay on top of it. Plus, this pile doesn’t count all the kits and other projects I’ve set aside. That will be in another post :).

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