Mini Patchwork Stockings

Aren’t these the cutest little patchwork stockings?  I found the pattern FOR FREE on Connecting Threads about 2 years ago and have made quite a few of them.  The directions show you how to make four little stockings (all the same patchwork pattern, but you can add variety by using different cuffs, bindings, and backing).  It’s a great stashbuster since you use 10 different fabrics for this.

Mini Patchwork Stockings

This is done with a clever strip piecing method and takes very little time.  I estimate that you can knock out all four of these in about 2 hours if you were able to work without interruption!  These make great teacher gifts, gift card holders, candy cane holders, and decorations!  One day, I plan to personalize some of them by embroidering a name on the cuff.


Mini Homespun Stocking

You can make different sizes by changing the size of the strips  – imagine a set of miniature stockings that were half the size!  Enjoy this pattern – there’s a lot you can do with it.

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