Snowman Family Make-dos

Introducing the Snowman Family!  Here are some snowmen and women I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.  I had an idea in my head about how to create some snowmen, but wasn’t quite sure what the end result would be.  I didn’t want something too primitive – instead I was looking for something more retro and nostalgic.   Vintage postcards provided the inspiration for the faces, which were painted on.

The Snow Family

I started by created a ball out of canvas, which was then painted off-white.  I played around with some ideas for faces and created two different looks – the “sweetly sleeping” and “happy jolly”. The “sleeping” look was more feminine looking, which is why it was used for snow women.

Husband and Wife Snow-people

The first set was a snowman and wife.  The top hat was made out of muslin and then painted black.   The ears muffs were created from wool yo-yos and a strip of wool.  After the headgear was glued on, they were painted with a coffee wash to lend an antique look.

Frosty the Snowman

Frosty was fun to make!  He has the same top hat as the other guy, but also earmuffs (so he is double warm).  Muslin was sewn together in a small cone to create the nose and then wrapped with string to give it a carrot texture.  The face was painted on (eyes and mouth) and then the nose was stitched one.  Next came his earmuffs and hat, then he was also brushed with coffee.

Candy Cane Snow-woman

This last one is my favorite one since it looks so different from the other ones.  I knew I didn’t her to have an antique look – I wanted to keep this one more retro.  I thought about adding the Santa hat when trying to think of another type of hat that wasn’t as involved as a top hat or bonnet.  When the hat was placed on her head, she reminded me of a candy cane!  This inspired me to paint her candlestick a cheery red and white.  I just need to figure out a better way to paint on the white lines so they don’t look as wobbly.  Any suggestions are welcome!

12 thoughts on “Snowman Family Make-dos

  1. Dear Heather,

    These are really really cute. I have an idea for year round. Remember the heating of coffee cups to make hats. You could decorate them with all kind of things. Have a real Easter Parade for example.


  2. The candle sticks could also be just carolers Paint the candle stick like there cloths, different colors of Christmas.

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