Checking In

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted.   I’ve been busy working on some wool projects (hope to post some pictures this week) and also sewing my first dress.  After I successfully made matching Hawaiian shirts for my son and husband, I decided to tackle something more difficult – a sundress.  The pattern is McCalls 4444:

Sundress - McCalls 4444

I still have a few things to complete – the zipper,  neck strap and hem, so no pictures of the finished product yet. Hopefully it will be finished this weekend.  So far, the pattern has been fairly easy.  I got a bit confused when trying to sew the straps onto the halter top, but the diagrams in the pattern were very helpful after I studied them for awhile.

It looks like the size will be OK, although I did have to let it out in the hips a little.  If I sew more dresses, I am thinking about getting a dress form.  Dritz has a very fancy dress form that seems to do everything – any advice on whether it is worth the investment?

Dritz Dress Form

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