Three Cheers for Zippered Tote!

I’ve wanted to make a red, white, and blue purse for awhile and finished this just in time for Memorial Day!  The original pattern was Charm Party Tote, a tote that was open at the top.

Zipper Charm Tote Exterior
Zipper Charm Tote Exterior

However, I wanted this to function more as a purse, so I added a zipper.

Zippered Charm Tote Top
Zippered Charm Tote Top

The bag has fusible fleece on the interior and exterior, and features some light quilting.  I am going to experiment with using different combinations of fusible fleecing for the lining to see if I can find one that makes this less bulky.  The outside uses 24 charm squares, and then I used the leftover squares to make the pockets.

Zipper Charm Tote Exterior 2
Zipper Charm Tote Exterior 2

6 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Zippered Tote!

  1. Hello from Germany 🙂 ,

    I’m sewing a lot for animal welfare projects ❤ . For a long time now I have been looking for an inset zipper like the one you showed.
    You had planned to post a description of how to make this inset. Have I missed it?

    I would be really, really grateful for a little hint on how to make it so I can add it to my oilcloth bags for the animal welfare auctions 🙂 .

    Kindly, Monica

  2. Thanks for your reply 🙂 .

    I know the video and the tutorial of “sewingnovice” but they do it differently. There is this gap on the end of the zipper which I do not want.

    However, I have found a Japanese (?) tutorial which could be the right method but I cannot read the Japanese instructions 😉 :

    1. Hi Monica,

      Sorry it took so long to reply back. I looked at the Japanese tutorial and it is not the same as what I did either. I will try to put something together on this in the next few weeks and get it posted. It’s pretty easy to do!

      1. I really look forward to your tutorial since I sew a lot of oilcloth bags for our animal welfare auctions. I tried the Japanese tutorial and it nearly drove me crazy 😉 .
        I’d be really glad to learn an easier way 🙂 .

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