Unfinished Projects

Halloween was great, my son’s trick or treat bag held about 5 lbs of candy, which was about as much as he could carry.  For some reason, he was very reluctant to have mom or dad carry his candy for him.

I haven’t been able to get any projects finished this week, so here are some unfinished ones for now.  The goal is to complete all three of these by Thanksgiving!

Unfinished Turkey Mat
Unfinished Turkey Mat

The first one is a Turkey Mat.  This is from the book “Autumn Threads” by Need’l Love. The feathers are nice bright colors and his body is a nice warm brown.  Each piece will be blanket stitched in gold wool floss, which will really make everything pop.  Sharon Stewart changed up the pattern a bit by adding acorns and oak leaves – this is only fitting since Raleigh is known as the City of Oaks.

Unfinished Jo Morton Projects
Unfinished Jo Morton Projects

The second picture is of TWO different Jo Morton projects for her book Vintage Journey.  The fabric on the left is for an apple core quilt.  For this quilt, I have a rubber stamp of an apple core template (check out Cindy Blackberg’s site for more info). The quilt is made up of at least 96 apple cores.  My friends will be asked to part with some fabric scrips, since I want each piece to be a different Jo Morton fabric.

The second project is all the squares needed for the signature quilt that was discussed in a previous post.  I really need to get this done so the ladies in my Jo Morton club can sign them!

The November sewing club pattern isn’t ready yet, but it will be posted before the end of the month – I promise!


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  1. Hi Mom –

    In order to “officially” qualify to enter the contest, you need to post a comment on the specific blog entry about the Stocking giveaway :). Remember to hit the “leave a comment” link that is immediately at the end of the post about the stocking. Call me on the phone if you need further assistance :).


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