Almost Ready for Halloween

We’ve been busy unpacking this week, but I still haven’t gotten around to getting my new sewing room organized.  It’s more important to get the dishes unpacked so we can eat!  My son was excited to see all his toys – they have been slowly dwindling over the past few months as we packed up the house.  It was like going to the toy store the day we started unpacking all his old toys.

I did manage to finish his Halloween costume in the middle of all this – well ahead of schedule:

Pumpkin Costume
Pumpkin Costume

The pattern went together pretty quickly, and the finished result is very cute.  I ended up using orange thread for everything (even for sewing on the face and leaves), as I didn’t want to take the extra time to switch thread.  The orange thread looked fine because the fleece is so fluffy that it hid most of the stitching anyway.  I will get a picture of him actually wearing it when we go trick or treating.  I don’t want the novelty to wear off too soon – as he may change his mind about wearing it on Saturday!  I am also making jack-o-lantern T-shirts for my husband and me to wear when we go around the neighborhood.

I was out of town a few days this week for business, so I wasn’t able to go to my Jo’s Club on Tuesday.  I guess it is just as well since I didn’t have my blocks finished anyway.  I will get them finished in the next few weeks thought – we are supposed to start our new Jo’s project in mid-November.

Also, please check back next week for the November Sewing Club pattern.  I will be writing it up this week.

4 thoughts on “Almost Ready for Halloween

  1. What a cute pumpkin suit! Your son is very lucky to have such a special Mom. Not many Mom’s actually sew costumes for their children any more. We missed you at the Jo meeting! But, certainly understand why you weren’t there. Hope to see you at the November meeting. :0)
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Jane and Karen, sorry I missed you at Jo’s in October and November! Thanks for posting. I should see you in December, but I still need to finish my signature blocks :(.

  3. Grandpa and I saw this costume in person and it is really very cute. It is no wonder he received so much candy.

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