Professional Tote Class

On Saturday, I taught a fun group of ladies how to make the Professional Tote (pattern by Creative Thimble).  This is a great bag for travel – tons of pockets and lots of room to carry all kinds of things.  The designer even included a zippered front pocket that is perfectly sized for a passport!

Professional Tote
Professional Tote

Molly signed up for the class first and then convinced her friends Kim and Arlene to join her.  The class was scheduled from 10 am – 6pm so they knew they had a marathon session of sewing ahead of them.  It took awhile for everyone to get settled in (we finished Step 1, part B at 11:30am!), but everyone was having a great time chatting and learning something new.  Arlene was kind enough to bring lunch for everyone, and Kim went to Bojangle’s and brought back some delicious sweet tea for us!  We sewed until 7:30pm as we were bound and determined to make sure everyone completed their bag.  Although it was late, and we were pretty fried at the end, everyone had a great time and went home with a beautiful bag.

Molly's Professional Tote
Molly's Professional Tote

Molly selected a lovely burgundy duck cloth with a striped accent fabric.  She said the stripes reminded her of Joseph’s coat of many colors.

Kim's Professional Tote
Kim's Professional Tote

Kim’s bag was beautiful brown accented with lively polka dots.  The lining was made of large floral print on a brown background.

Arlene's Professional Tote
Arlene's Professional Tote

Arlene’s bag was a bold print that feature apples, grapes, and berries.  Lots of great colors and a deep purple print for the contrast and lining fabric.  She purposely picked something that she wouldn’t normally pick, and was very pleased with the results.

I had a lot of fun in the class and look forward to another class with them in the future!

2 thoughts on “Professional Tote Class

  1. Looks like this was a great class! I have not personally made one of these bags, but I have thought about it! Laura, the creative thimble creator is in my sewing bee! She is wonderful lady! See you Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for the comment Karen! Yes, Laura is a great person – I have made almost all of her patterns. She is a very clever designer!

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