Free Pattern – Trick or Treat Bag

I am pleased to present the first project for KIT Sewing Club – a trick or treat bag I designed for my son!  Please see the “Sewing Club” tab at the top of the page for more information on the club.  You don’t have to join in order to enjoy this pattern.

Trick or Treat Bag
Trick or Treat Bag

Click here to view pattern.

Please send in a picture of your bag when it is completed and I will post it on the blog.  I look forward to seeing what everyone makes!  Please add a comment if you have any questions about the pattern.

8 thoughts on “Free Pattern – Trick or Treat Bag

  1. Love the Halloween bag. Is there a way to make the photo of the bag bigger to show more detail??? You are a very clever designer and love, love, love reading your email.

  2. Hmm, I will have to do some test run on the poundage. But I figure at least 10lbs!! Will let you know for sure on November 1 :).

  3. Cute bag!! It is so sweet of you to share it! I will make this for my only grandson who will turn two on Halloween!
    Great job w/directions- very easy to understand. I want to be part of your sewing club! Those are rules I can follow! lol

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