New Addition to the Family!

Jangis Con sitting.
Jangis Con sitting.

February has been busy with real work, so I didn’t fulfill my goal of quilting for 20 minutes a day.  I had such good intentions, but the combination of going out of town, working on some extra projects, and getting a new dog all trumped sewing!   I will be posting about my trip in another post, but I will tell you I went to the northern most point of the United States where it was 20 below.

Jangis Con standing.
Jangis Con standing.

The big news is that we have a new member of the family.  His name is Jangis Con – a variant on Ghengis Kahn.  My son doesn’t know who Ghengis Kahn is, but really liked the name.  However, he choose to spell the name differently so he and the dog would have the same initials.  Go figure!

Jangis Con sleeping
Jangis Con sleeping

Jangis is a very cute and jolly dog that brings us a lot of laughs.  Look for more pictures of him in the future!

Keep it Thimble!

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