Marshmallow Snowmen

My husband and I went to a concert last night so a friend came over to babysit.  He gets the prize for  best babysitter, because he came prepared to do a fun food project!  He had a bag of marshmallows, a tube of black icing, Jelly Bellys, Airheads, and pretzel sticks   Add in one excited 6 year old and you get these adorable snowmen!

Marshmallow Snowmen

Marshmallow Snowmen

The pretzels are used to hold the marshmallows together and also for the arms.  A Jelly Belly is used for the nose, and you can cut them in half to make eyes or buttons.  A strip of airhead makes a delicious scarf.  The final touch is putting on buttons with just a drop of black icing.  I can’t wait to make these myself.  Thanks for the idea Jim.

Keep it thimble!



8 responses to “Marshmallow Snowmen

  1. How very thoughtful of your friend!!! Bet your son was thrilled!!!!

  2. These are so cute. They would make great place cards for holiday meals. Where do these great baby sitters come from?

  3. Tasty

  4. Maybe Jim should make these next time the guys get together!

  5. Pamela Carpenter

    Good idea, but I have the stockings that hold candy canes that grandmother made and I thought that would be fun. I don’t think we are going to have much time to make anything on Monday. Let’s remember this for next year.

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