My Mom’s Hidden Bluework Talent

Although my mom doesn’t sew, she’s always up for going to the quilt shop with me to look at fabric.  She enjoys seeing the patterns, colors, and imagining all the fantastic projects I can make with them.  She tends to favor batiks and more modern looking styles, while I definitely prefer the reproduction and vintage fabrics.   So between us, we cover the  gamut of tastes.

Bluework Hand Embroidered Top

In June we went to her local quilt shop (which is called Granny’s – great name!) and she saw bluework panel based on vintage designs.  To my surprise, she bought in and said she was going to embroider each of the blocks.  When she was done, she would give to me and I could turn it into a quilt.  I joked that she had to do one square a week so it would be done by October.  We didn’t discuss a time frame for when I would have to get the quilt part done :).


Bluework Close-up

I received a package in the mail a few weeks ago, and it contained all her embroidered squares!  As you can see, she did a beautiful job, and some of the designs are quite intricate.  Now that I know she has this hidden talent, I plan to ask her to finish up some of my embroidery projects!

Bluework Close-up

As far as the quilt goes, I am going to cut the blue border from the blocks and use something else for the setting.   For the corner stones, I plan to do some blue and white four-patch blocks, and may do a blue and white sashing as well.  Mom has really set the bar high on this one – but on quality and on how quickly it can be done.

Keep it Thimble!



8 thoughts on “My Mom’s Hidden Bluework Talent

  1. How absolutely wonderful!! Your Mom certainly does have a hidden talent – she does beautiful work. I can see it now….you’ll have your Mom working on some of the Ruby McKim blocks or other penny square designs of the early 20th century to fill your love of things old! What a keepsake!

  2. P.S. I still think we would be a better movie
    critic team or even a travel writing team so don’t elevate me too high in the sewing department

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