Christmas All Through the House

It’s official, we are ready for Christmas.  The decorations are hung inside and out.  A little bit more shopping to do and then I will be ready!  My son contributed to the decorating as well by putting a wreath on his friend “Wickid Jack” (his spelling of “wicked”).

Wickid Jack's Christmas Hair

This year we have two trees – a traditional green one in the front window and a white and blue one in the den.  When we got married, my husband started a tradition of having a white tree with a different color each year.  We’ve repeated some colors, but so far we’ve had blue, black, purple, and pink.  Next year I think we should do red!

Traditional Christmas Tree

Vintage White Tree

In the entryway the little elves are ready to help Santa for Christmas.  By the fireplace, a snowman is ready for a snowball fight (although my son pointed out that snowballs aren’t usually blue).

Santa's Elves

Little Snowman with a Snowball

Santa is perched on some antique quilts, next to a basket of gingerbread men!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

An antique grain scoop is the perfect place for some holiday foliage!  This will be hung on the wall tomorrow – after I get the nails from the garage.

Grain Scoop

Last but not least, the fireplace holds lots of little Santas and Snowmen.  Most of the items here were made by me – can you guess which ones?

Santa and Snowmen

Keep it thimble!


6 responses to “Christmas All Through the House

  1. Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  2. Collier Maxwell

    Hi – I love all of your decorations! Very fun and festive.

  3. Pamela Carpenter

    Very nice. You look very ready for Christmas. I can even smell the cookies baking in the oven. I really like the grain scoop.

  4. Love it and festive and fun!!! You have great ideas when you decorate!

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