Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ruffled Hearts Quilt

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a quilt top that is currently on my UFO list because it still needs to be quilted.  However, I thought it would be appropriate for today’s post :).

This split applique is very easy to do – I learned how to do it in a class taught at Plain and Simple.  Basically you create a heart template in 3 sizes – small, medium, large.  You get scraps of red fabric and cut out one of each heart for each block you want to make. You begin by sewing small heart on top of the medium, then sewing this unit on top of the large heart, and then sewing this onto your applique background.

This is rough edge applique, meaning that you don’t need to prep the pieces to turn the edges and you don’t need to hide your stitches.  You just sew around the rough edges of each shape, about 1/4″ in from the edge.  After completing your blocks, you cut each one into fourths.  Then you randomly select 4 pieces and sew them back together as a new heart.  I really enjoyed this project, and it’s a great for people who are just learning how to quilt.

I haven’t quite decided how to quilt this yet, because I don’t want to quilt over the hearts.  When this is washed, the rough edges will ravel and the hearts will look like they have a bit of a ruffle or fringe around the edge.  It’s a nice effect for something like this.

Keep it thimble!

8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thanks for visiting! If you try this, let me know how it goes. Also, I really like how you share the class tips on your blog! I would love to go to some of these classes one day – they sound like a lot of fun and very educational.

  1. Wow, very nice. I am so glad to have a daughter and a mother than can do all these things. I am very happy being the center of the sandwich.


  2. from Okc. It took my forever to find this quilt I had remembered from years ago.

    Would you sell it? If not make me one.

    Do you have the pattern for ir? I have to have it. I LOVE HEARTS..
    I recently got divorced (not my choosing) and I need thus quilt to put my heart back together.

    Please call or text (405) 210-6751
    :my name is Kathy

    I’m so glad I found it

  3. It took me forever to find this precious heart pattern. Could I please buy it from or have you make ne one. I’m recently divorced (not my choice) and this heart gives me the feeling of putting my broken pieces together.

    I love it.

    Please contact me at (405) 210-6751 or email at eckerkathy@yahoo.com.


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