Jo Morton Signature Quilt

I was digging around in my fabric closet and found the squares for a signature quilt that still needed to be sewn together in a quilt top!  This project was started over a year ago, and put aside for whatever reason.  I figured I could finish the quilt top and add it to my UFO list under projects to be quilted.


Jo Morton Signature Quilt

This is a fun quilt to make from your scraps.  The signature X blocks are very easy to make – you cut out the squares of cream fabric, sew a square of colored fabric to the opposite corners, press open, and then trim off the excess.  You do have lots of little triangle scraps, but they are perfect for miniature quilts or to create small blocks for pin cushions.

Before you sew the X blocks together, you can have your friends sign the smaller blocks.  This is a very nice keepsake to have – great for quilting bees,  weddings, graduations, or other special occasions.  I’ve even heard of people hosting online signature swaps – people create and sign squares, send them off, and get signed squares in return.

The nine-patch blocks were made with a technique that is fast and doesn’t waste fabric.  I will be posting a tutorial on Sunday with instructions on how to do it.  On a side note, the first Sunday of every month I will post either a tutorial or a new pattern (it will alternate).

Also, I found one other UFO that is being added to the list.  I cut out over 200 “apple core” pieces to hand stitch an apple core table runner (also in Jo Morton fabrics).  My plan is to carry a few pieces of this project around in my purse and stitch on it when a I can.  Hopefully the top will be completed by the end of the summer and then I can hand quilt it.

Keep it thimble!

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