A Very Snuggy Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!  Now that the gifts are all given, I can reveal what I made for gifts this year – Snuggies!!  Each person received a handmade Snuggie (aka Slanket aka Blanket with Sleeves (the boring name)) in a fabric of my choice, with each fabric print specially selected to complement the recipient’s tastes.

Christmas Snuggies

Everyone graciously agreed to have this picture taken and posted on my blog.  Thanks everyone – this will be my most popular post yet!

Have a wonderful holiday!  See you next year :).


7 thoughts on “A Very Snuggy Christmas!

  1. I don’t know what to say to your bloggers except that I, your mother, was there on Christmas day and I don’t recognize any of these people.


  2. It could be that you got the families mixed up with all the projects you had going on before Christmas. We love you and know that as nice as the snuggies look, they are making some family very happy.


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