I was hoping to get this posted yesterday, but I think today is fine  – the sugar high has finally worn off!  My son wanted to be a spider for Halloween this year.  I was so proud of myself because we picked out the pattern and bought all the supplies in early September!  I was going to get it down early, but of course I was sewing it at the last minute :).    The costume is from McCall’s 6180, but with a few modifications.


Spider 1.0

I made legs longer and didn’t put the ruffle at the bottom.  The ruffles were cute, but since he is a “big boy” now they didn’t suit him.  I had a lot of trouble turning the tubes to make the legs (the fabric was very thick and it was a struggle), so I used black socks for the tubes instead.  Since we wanted to have some bend in the legs, my husband taped up florist wire to create a frame, wrapped batting around it, and then we put the sock over it.  It yield nice long and fat spider legs – but the costume was very heavy!  My son was a real trooper and wore it to a party on Friday night, but we figured we could do something better for the legs for the BIG night.


Spider 2.0

For Spider 2.0, my husband taped together 6 dowels, and covered them with electrical wire.  We then cut the legs off of Spider 1.0 and used the socks to cover the dowels.  More electrical tape was used to tape around parts of the socks (which created a nice jointed leg effect).  The legs were much lighter, but since they stuck out it was a bit harder to navigate.  My husband rigged up a harness so the legs would slip over my son’s arms, and then we tied them down with a piece of ribbon.  All in all, Spider 2.0 was a great success and he got a lot of compliments while trick or treating.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

7 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. Having actually seen the first two trial runs on the costume, I can only say they were both very nice. For sure the final version was perfect. The bottom line and most important thing being he received a lot of CANDY and had fun.

    Granny Pam

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