Fabric Covered Boxes

I took a class on making fabric covered boxes from Lisa Kilgore, owner of Lone Star Mercantile.  The process is pretty simple and fast, and there is so much you can do with these.  We covered an 8″ round box in class, but she showed us several examples of different shapes, sizes, and fabrics.

Fabric Covered Box

There are a good deal of ways to embellish them as well.  She had punch needles glued on some boxes, others had wool applique.  Some even had pincushions and other trims.  I really enjoyed the class and went straight home to make a Halloween box (with my son’s help).  He painted the inside black and helped me put the glue on.  Later, we are going to cut a Jack-o-latern out of wool and applique it to the lid.

Halloween Box

I can just envision a set of three stacking boxes done in complementary fabrics, embellished, and then artfully stacked in a corner of a perfectly decorated room!

2 thoughts on “Fabric Covered Boxes

  1. Wonderful and they would make great gifts either finished or as a tutorial !!!!!! What glue brand did you use?

  2. This is very cute. It would be nice to cover boxes for a closet with matching fabric for the room. A place for belts, scarves and etc.


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