Grommet Purse

This is a quick and easy purse pattern called “Wallet and Grommet” that uses large 2.75″ grommets. It’s a nice size to carry around town and the handle is made so that you can easily keep the purse closed.  The handle is in one piece and you thread it through all four grommets and tie it off.  This allows you to open the purse as wide as you need to, and then “zip” it closed as you throw it over your shoulder.

Grommet Purse

The pattern is very versatile, especially in fabric choice.  You can also quilt a lot or very little on it (I did just the seams on mine) and you could add some fun embroidery or trim embellishments to dress it up or down.

The grommets are easy to install, even though I had some initial trepidation about cutting out the large circles in my almost finished bag!  I suggest making a paper template of the circle size you need to cut, and then using a chalk marker to draw around the template.  The pattern provides the specific measurements for where you need to place the circles, so you can just plunk down your template, trace around it, and that will remove a lot of the nerves.  This also gives you a chance to make sure the circles are even with one another before you cut.  I confess that I did not make a paper template, and instead just traced around the inside circle of the grommets directly onto the fabric.  As a result, one of my grommets is slightly lower than the other one (can you guess which one?).  After you cut out the circle, the plastic grommets just snap right in!

4 thoughts on “Grommet Purse

  1. Where oh where did you get grommets? I have made a purse with plastic grommets and they have all gotten loose and fallen off. Nice purse!

    1. I found them at my local quilt shop. These are plastic grommets as well. I haven’t used the purse very much so not sure if they will get loose or not. Did you try adding some glue to them before snapping together?

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