I love garage sales!

First, I just want to say how much I love garage sales!   My husband hit about 7 garage sales Saturday morning looking for random bargains.  When he came home, he had spent less than $20 and found a kid’s table and chairs, puzzles, games, books, toys, and TWO boxes of random sewing notions!!

Garage Sale Finds

These were filled with zippers, lace, rick-rack, and other vintage embellishments.  One batch even came in a cool biscuit tin:

Biscuit Tin

Wow, time has really flown this summer!  I had all these big plans for the tons of stuff I would make this summer and my list is not getting any shorter.  Several projects are in various stages of completeness, and they must be finished in the next two weeks:

  • Professional Tote Class Sample
  • Grommet Purse Class Sample
  • Tulip Purse Class Sample

As you can see, I am gearing up to teach a few purse classes this fall.  I will be posting dates, times, locations in a few weeks!    The other thing I am hoping to finish by the end of August is some new patterns!  I know I was supposed to post something new once a month and it’s been almost 6 months.  However, it does take time to write these up and do the samples :).

Finally, I saw this cool fabric called “Prairie Gothic” that I had to have.  I’m not sure what I will make with it, but likely some type of bag or apron.

Prairie Gothic Fabric

2 thoughts on “I love garage sales!

  1. Sounds like a great Saturday! I just got the beautiful dress that you made from quilting fabric. It should be on your web sight. I love it, thank you very much

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