Meet Max the Ladybug

Like any typical four year old, my son loves bugs – any shape, size, or kind.  He is especially fond of ladybugs and bumblebees, so you can imagine that when I saw Heather Bailey’s “Flutterby” pattern I had to get it.  This pattern shows you how to make a butterfly, bumblebee, and a ladybug pincushion.  Of course my son pointed out that he “didn’t want antenna pins” on his bugs :).  I started with the ladybug, since I had some great red and black scraps left over from a dress I am making (to be posted later…) and it seemed like least time consuming since there is no additional applique or embroidery required.  That said, it still took a few hours to put it together because it has so many pieces (15 I think).  Here is the finished product:

Max the Ladybug

I think he turned out pretty cute, but I am planning to make another one this week now that I understand the pattern better.  For the next one, I also plan to add on the legs and antenna (I left these off my first one since my son would have likely pulled them off), embroider a mouth, and do something different for the eyes (the wool felt I used for the gold part has started fraying, so I think I will glue the felt down first and then sew on the eye).

Also, July 23rd marks my one year blog anniversary!!  Thanks to all who have started reading my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  Check back on the 23rd for a special anniversay giveway – I will be pulling something from my stash and giving it away to some lucky reader!!

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