Beach Bag!

As you know, I am a huge fan of Creative Thimble’s Professional Tote pattern.  I’ve probably made at least 20 of these in different fabrics and I love how they all turn out.  I decided it was time to make myself one to take the beach – with a few modifications.

Beach Bag
Professional Tote Beach Bag (Exterior)

This bag is 2 inches higher and wider than the pattern, which provides extra room for towels and other beach supplies.  There is no center zippered pocket – again to provide more room for the supplies.  The idea is to have enough room to roll up three beach towels so they can stand on end inside the bag (thanks for the idea Amy :)).

Professional Tote Interior
Professional Tote Beach Bag (Exterior)

I thought about creating a water resistant pouch with some oilcloth, but figured it would be too bulky.  Anyway, a grocery bag works fine for storing wet bathing suits.  Of course I had to select beach themed fabric for this – I love how the lining turned out with all the shells!

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