90th Birthday!

Not much time to sew for the past few days.  I went to Atlanta to celebrate my Grandmother’s 90th birthday!  She is still going strong and even treated the whole family to dinner on her birthday.  It’s hard to imagine how much change she’s witnessed in her 90 years.  When she was born, cars were pretty rare and of course no TV or internet.  How did they get by without internet back then??

My grandma sewed most of my clothes when I was younger and even attempted to teach me a few times.  However, it never really stuck with me until I start sewing when I was pregnant.  She made me the most beautiful party dresses for dances, and very dapper suits for my brother.  I was lucky enough to get her old treadle sewing machine when she upgraded to an electric sewing machine a few years ago.   She doesn’t sew as much anymore, but she does crochet and knit like crazy.  I think everyone she’s ever known has received a crocheted afghan from her – we have three!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

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