Chicks and Thread

Here’s another super cute Liberty Rose pattern I just finished. It’s great because is combines two of my favorite things – Spring and sewing!  I took a class with Sharon Stewart and some other ladies and we had too much fun making these.

Chicks and Thread
Chicks and Thread

Sharon called the class “Chicks and Pussy Willows”, but many of us commented on how the last word in the name was cut off on Sharon’s website and also on our calendars.  My husband saw the name of the class and wondered if I was really going to a sewing class.  Sharon kept trying to calm us down when we would start laughing, but we couldn’t contain ourselves when Sharon started talking about how you can use a dab of glue on the “willows” to make them sticky, but you didn’t want to make them hard and stiff.   Anyway, we made it through the class and I am very happy with the results!

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