Spring is Here!

Yesterday, it finally started to feel like Spring.  The Winter has been lingering on way to long around here it’s nice to finally get to spend some time outside in warmer weather!  For those of you who are up North, you probably think we are pretty wimpy down here because we complain when it gets below 40.  But this has been a harsh winter for us – it snowed three times this year!!

Easter Peeps
Easter Peeps

In celebration of Spring, I make a basket of colorful peeps.  The pattern is from Liberty Rose, and it was originally larger.  I scaled it down to about 65% on the copy machine to make these small peeps (I got the idea for doing this from Sharon of Liberty Rose).  They are so cute, but now my son wants me to make him a blue one too!  Kids are never satisfied are they??

Peeps in a Basket

I also finished up this Wool Penny Mat that I started 2 years ago.  It’s nice to finish up some project so I can start on new ones!

Penny Rug
Penny Rug

7 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. Hey Heather
    The peeps are so cute. That’s what I did for the class this spring…scaled them down. They are so sweet in the Easter colors too!! See you soon.

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