New Year, New Project!!

Happy New Year!  I had a great holiday and enjoyed my time off.  I was able to get my sewing room set up and organized, which is a huge help.  Now I have a place to spread out my projects and I don’t have to clean up after myself each time I stop working.  I can already see my productivity increasing.

Here is one of the first projects I made in the new sewing room:

Heart PillowI actually had some help from my son on this one.  He wanted a heart pillow and picked out this green fleece from the scrap bag.  He liked it because it was “fluffy”.  He helped me draw the heart and I sewed it up.  He did all the stuffing himself (which he was quite proud of), and carries this everywhere.  The next project on his agenda is a blue star pillow.  I’m glad to see he has the crafting gene.

One thought on “New Year, New Project!!

  1. I have just finished this quilt and would like to utilize the stories associated with the quilt however have lost block 1 & 2 stories. Would you be able to scan them and email to me? I would really appreciate it. Thanks Marcia

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