Folded Patchwork Star

This is a folded patchwork star that is easy to make.  These make great Christmas gifts and it’s a great way to use up some of your stash (to make room for new fabric).  My grandmother showed me how to make these stars when I was little – I can still remember carefully looking through all the fabrics in her stash to pick the fabrics for the star I made.  Once the star was completed, we got an old round cheese box, covered it in fabric, and sewed the star on top!

Buy Pattern – Sale! $2.99

Folded Patchwork Star

The pattern is available for purchase in my shop.  It contains step by step directions for creating the Folded Star, with photos showing the key steps.  It has  finishing instructions for both a fabric covered box and a table topper.

Radiant Folded Star and Covered Box

Keep it Thimble!

7 thoughts on “Folded Patchwork Star

  1. I made folded star potholders many years ago, and the procedure was completely different, mostly handsewn and working around the star, starting at the center and working out to the edge. I started making some this year for gifts and was doing the sewing by machine but still starting at the center and moving out. I found your tutorial and decided to try your method. I have altered your directions somewhat, combining my old method with yours, and once I get the kinks worked out, I think it will save a lot of time. I don’t know if you are still making these, but I wanted to thank you for the tutorial.

  2. LOL, well, I am still working on my instructions, which I am going to offer to the people who get these as gifts. It is a very detailed tutorial, assuming that the reader can use a sewing machine but is otherwise pretty clueless. I would be happy to e-mail it to you but it is way too long to post here. Plus, I haven’t added any pictures yet, so I need to photograph the process. I doubt you would need the pictures, but my friends and relatives probably would.

  3. i made a pillow of this when i was in Jr high school many many many years ago. but i have lost the patterns. i can find pictures of this but am unable to find directions. id love to make some throw pillows as christmas gifts this year and was hoping to find instructions here. does anyone have the full instructions to making the folded star??? please could you email to me the instructions if you do have them i would greatly appreciate it. my email is thank you

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