Civil War Blocks Update

I still am way behind on my Civil War Tribute quilt, but several blocks for the other quilt I am working on are finished.

Civil War Block
Civil War Block

I am in the middle of packing for a big trip – destination to be revealed in a later blog post (don’t tell anyone mom!) but wanted to make a quick post before I left.  I hope to blog while traveling, as I think I will have some exciting pictures to share with you.

Civil War Block
Civil War Block

In the meantime, here are four new blocks.  I don’t have time to look up the names right now, but I will post them later.  The names are as fan as the blocks!

Civil War Block
Civil War Block

As you can see from the photos, I have a hard time getting my blocks nice and flat.  I swear the iron is on the hottest setting and has lots of steam, but I still end up with puffy blocks.  If anyone has a sure-fire way to get these to lay flatter, please let me know!

Civil War Block
Civil War Block

Keep it Thimble!


14 thoughts on “Civil War Blocks Update

  1. Love them!! I’m in the process of sewing the rows of my CW tribute quilt together. Two more to go and I can add the borders. Did you see the quilt where the woman embroidered the Gettysburg Address into the blocks? Really awesome!

    1. That’s great about your tribute quilt. That is quite an accomplishment so far. I didn’t see the one with the Gettysburg
      Address. Can you post the link? Embroidering that is a great idea, but I am not sure I need to add one more thing to the pile!

  2. Who says puffy blocks are bad? Once they are quilted and then washed this is what will make your quilt extra beautiful. It adds that extra “texture” (what we call “shadow kiss” in the promise stitch world) that makes your quilts look old comfortable and beautiful. So don’t iron the snot out of them. Be happy that they are going to be extra wonderful once they are washed. When I do my hand pcing and quilting my fabric is never ever touch by an iron. Not even after it is pre-washed and dried before cutting and pcing, and never after it is pc’ed. Beautiful blocks, have a wonderful trip.

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