Bartleby the Pumpkin

I really love Halloween crafts and I finished my first one this year – Bartleby the Pumpkin!   The pattern was in the recent issue of Create and Decorate and I couldn’t resist his grinchy grin.  The pattern had more of a party hat on him (made out of paper), so I opted to make a witch’s hat instead with a spider and spiderweb.


Of course, his name makes me think of that Herman Mellville story you read in school – Bartleby the Scrivener.   Remember that one?  It was about poor old Bartleby and all he ever said when asked a question was “I would prefer not to.”  He drives his boss crazy, but instead of firing ol’ Bartleby the boss moves to a different building and leaves Bartleby behind!  Such a strange story, and one I remember very vividly.

UPDATE:  Just finished this one as well.   This one is larger (if you can’t tell from the picture – it is probably twice as big).  Not sure where they both will go yet….

Bartleby the Second

5 responses to “Bartleby the Pumpkin

  1. Love it !!! This will be a keeper for many Halloweens to come.

  2. Heather, PORCH SALE!!!!!!!! Love them!!!!

  3. Heather they are fantastic – love them – spooky!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Glad you like them. I will plan to make a few for the porch sale :).

  5. I love this guy and the story too.

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