Civil War Tribute – Block 6

Block 6 is finished!  This was a fun block to put together and I really like the colors – purple, cream, and green.  I am getting better at sewing the biases on the triangles, so my blocks don’t get so stretched out of shape.  The January 2010 issue of American Quilter magazine had an excellent article about how to sew half-square triangles.  They discussed 5 or 6 different techniques, and I am going to put these to use on the rest of the blocks I make for this quilt.

Civl War Tribute - Block 6

One of the ladies in the Civil War Tribute club also shared a website that discusses some easy ways to make flying geese units.  Block 7 is cut out and I am in the process of sewing it together. I think this will probably be one of the most complicated blocks in the quilt (of course you have to make 8 (!) of them).

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